Sian Stanley

Sian Stanley

Gender: Female
Special interests: chronic diseases / respiratory conditions

 I started at Canterbury Medical practice just under a year ago in the trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner Role and I complete my Masters' level training this year. Prior to this I worked as Practice Nurse within General Practice for several years, so I have a strong background foundation in the general practice setting. 

I am able to assess, diagnose, order investigations, prescribe and refer patients amongst a range of different health conditions, ranging from acute to chronic. I work closely with the rest of the ACP team and GP's and my role is structurally supported by senior members of the team. 

My area of specialist interest is chronic diseases, particularly respiratory conditions. I manage acute presentations such as chest infections whilst also being skilled in the management and diagnosis of longer term conditions such as asthma and COPD. 

However my practice is not limited to respiratory, and I can treat manage a wide range of conditions within my scope of practice, in a holistic manner, working within current national guidelines. Unfortunately I am currently unable to see children or pregnant women at this stage of my training.