Counselling & Psychotherapy

You can be seen by a counsellor or psychotherapist at Bridge Health Centre or Cossington House Surgery. To receive this service you will need to see a GP to be referred or self-refer to the service.



The Psicon Group comprises six areas of specialist psychological and healthcare support: Adult Mental Health Services; Children, Young People and Family Services; Community-Based Neurological Rehabilitation Services; Occupational Health Services; Medico-Legal Services; and Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services. Through these, The Psicon Group provide prompt access to high quality professionals offering consultations, assessments, therapy and rehabilitation options.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

If you wish to be seen by The Psicon Group please book an appointment with your GP who will arrange a referral for you; alternatively you can self-refer.

The Psicon Group can be contacted as follows:

15 New Dover Road

Telephone:01227 379099
Fax: 01227 780861


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