Advanced Nurse Practitioners 

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is a fully qualified, registered and experienced nurse who can see patients presenting with undifferentiated clinical presentations (i.e. a condition which has not already been documented in the clinical record nor has it been previously diagnosed by another appropriate Health Care Professional) and diagnose disease via comprehensive history-taking, physical examinations and ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests. They see patients at the Practice and can undertake home visits.

Their combination of years of nursing experience and higher qualifications enable ANPs to manage many illnesses and long-term conditions. They can recommend treatment plans for a wide range of acute and chronic disease including the prescribing of medication and referral to specialists and other healthcare services.

They can see all patients except children under two years and pregnant women.

They are not able to sign Fit notes (MED 3) or prescriptions for controlled drug medications or see children aged under 2 years.

They work closely with the GPs as a team and therefore can access appropriate support if a patient presentation requires a medical opinion.