Ilsa Clark

Ilsa Clark

Gender: Female

Primary qualifications: Registered general Nurse 1995,   DPSN ( Critical care) 1997,   BSc (Critical Care Nursing) 2001,   Non -medical prescribing qualification 2012,   MSc in Advanced Practice 2017.

I worked in A+E departments in London and Kent ( including Minor injury units) for 20 years, but have  also spent time as a cruise ship nurse, resuscitation training officer, as well as doing international medical repatriations of sick or injured people from abroad.

I joined Canterbury Medical Practice in Dec 2018 after working in a management role in the Out of hours service.

I work in a generalist role assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions within my scope and enjoy being able to develop continuity of care  for patients of Canterbury Medical practice.