Register your Type 1 Opt-out preference            

The NHS uses patient data daily which is used in many ways from deciding where to provide new clinics and GP practices to informing guidance and government responses, including managing and monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NHS will use patient data for the following:

  • Monitoring long-term safety and effectiveness of care
  • Planning health and care services
  • Preventing spread of infectious diseases
  • Identifying new treatments and medicines through health research.

NHS digital will collect:

  • Data about diagnosis, symptoms, observations, test results, medications, allergies, immunisations, referrals, recalls and appointments.
  • Data on sex, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  • Data about staff that have treated patients.

NHS digital will not collect:

  • Name and addresses (except postcode, in a unique coded form).
  • Written notes
  • Images, letters and documents.
  • Coded data not needed due to its age
  • Coded data GPs not permitted to share by law.

NHS digital have stated that any data the NHS Digital collects will only be used for health and care purposes. It is never and will never be shared with marketing or insurance companies.

Type one opt out: this stops your data from being shared outside your GP practice for anything other than your own care.

National opt- out: this stops your data from being shared by NHS digital with other organisations, except when there is a legal requirement to do so, i.e. such as managing a Coronavirus outbreak.

Anyone registered with the NHS who has a NHS number can register an opt-out either by completing a type one opt out form or via the NHS app. 

Published: Jun 9, 2021